Scale ZX330X-7 Tracked Excavator

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Scale Hitachi ZX330X-7 Tracked Excavator


Another of the ICT range of excavators to be modelled by Replicars is the Hitachi ZX330X-7, another very nicely implemented model in 1:50th scale which packs plenty of detail and realism. The cabin has a 90-degree opening door allowing the convincingly replicated interior to be viewed, complete with a display screen for the ICT system along with all the operator hand and foot controls. The GPS positioning receivers are modelled on the rear engine housing which has an opening upper panel to allow the internals of the engine bay to be seen, consisting of the engine block, exhaust and cooling systems. Raised hydraulic lines on the boom add to the realism, as do the armoured hoses, silver-finished valves and safety markings.

Scale 1:50